Creating a Safe Space for Women of Color in Fundraising

Episode 15: Creating a Safe Space for Women of Color in Fundraising

Fabulous, Female Fundraisers (F3) is a member-based community committed to supporting and inculcating female fundraisers of color. Listen to learn how you can plug into this growing network.

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Today I’m joined by Christal Cherry, founder of Fabulous Female Fundraisers and a few members: Joie Johnson-Walker, Wanda Scott and Ronesha Jackson as they discuss their lived experiences Black female fundraisers and how F3 is supporting them along their journey.

F3 is on a mission to connect, support, engage, and empower women of color in fundraising to foster personal and professional growth. It’s a membership-based community run by female fundraisers of color for female fundraisers of color along their journey.

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