Should Nonprofit Board Members Investigate Complaints RE: The CEO?

Episode 2: Should Nonprofit Board Members Investigate Complaints RE: The CEO?

Kia Croom and Christal Cherry discuss whether or not boards are obligated regarding complaints leveled against nonprofit CEOs.

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The Black Fundraisers' Podcast was founded in 2021 by Kia Croom, CEO of Kia Croom Fundraising and Philanthropy, a Black-woman-owned fundraising firm that works exclusively with nonprofits serving Black and Brown people and communities. Visit to learn more.

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Christal M. Cherry is a nationally recognized nonprofit executive and professionally trained fundraiser. She's the President & CEO of The Board Pro. To learn more about Christal visit

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The Black Fundraisers' Podcast is produced by Kia Croom Fundraising & Philanthropy. This Black-woman-owned fundraising firm helps nonprofits serving Black and Brown communities raise critical funding to fight the byproducts of structural racism. That is, structural inequities such as poverty, homelessness, educational inequity and more.

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