The Nonprofit End-of-Year Survival Toolkit Part 3: Your GivingTuesday Roadmap

Episode 8: The Nonprofit End-of-Year Survival Toolkit Part 3: Your GivingTuesday Roadmap

A step-by-step guide on how to create your GivingTuesday Roadmap

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The Black Fundraisers' Podcast was founded in 2021 by Kia Croom, a 21-year Nonprofit Fundraiser and Marketer. To learn more about Kia’s work or to connect with her, visit

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Throughout the nonprofit universe, Jessica is known as one of the industry’s most dynamic and exciting fundraisers. She’s admired for her ability to pull truth and actionable recommendations from raw data, for her determination to seize every challenge as an opportunity, and for her bedrock belief that “best practices” are only the launching point for the results-boosting advances she creates.

While Jessica started in the industry long before this whole “world wide web” thing — helping her clients raise more than $30 million a year — she has quickly developed a reputation for not only her direct mail prowess but her digital acumen as well.

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Here are the resources Jessica shared

  1. Giving Tuesday official site, with logos and ideas -- ; here’s the specific link for agencies/organizations:
  2. Giving Tuesday resources from different vendors (while they are trying to sell product, there are always some good nuggets of information): a. b. c.
  3. Giving Tuesday “201” quiz –

Jessica has also offered complimentary 20 min sessions to help you maximize your GivingTuesday efforts.

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